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1v1 in scoring zone with a server in the safe zone. Attacker (Red) must create space from their defender to receive or receive whilst tight. They can then score in any of the goals they wish. If the defender wins it, they must try and drive out into the safe zone or pass into their target player. Swap roles after a period of time or after each turn.

  • Prevent defender from tackling prior to attackers first touch.
  • Allow attacker to play back to server if needed.
  • Server can join in to make a 2v1
  • Add second defender to make it a 1v2.
  • Reduce the amount of goals the attacker can score in.

U6 – U8

  • Movement to defend and stay close to force play backwards
  • Touch tight to attacker
  • Patience to make tackle
  • Making play predictable

U9 – U11

  • Marking ball side and goal side
  • Tackling to come away with the ball
  • Emergency defending to block shots
  • Movement of feet to be patient when defending

U12 – U16

  • Coping with body contacts
  • Marking to intercept


  • Intensity to defend
  • Competitive nature to stop goals

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1v1 Defending – Back to Goal

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Developing players in a variety of scenarios you can see in the game is vital. This 1v1 session has it all! A different scenario, interference, technical development, problem solving, creative thinking and so many different ways of being successful.