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1 target player for each team on opposite sides of area. Team in possession must work ball back and fourth between target players. If the other team wins the ball they work between their target players. 

  • Rotate target players so the player who passes out switches places as target player takes first touch into area.
  • Reduce the area size to give players less time on the ball.
  • Add 2 floating players who play for whichever team is in possession to create overload.
  • Make area bigger to give more time on the ball.

U6 – U8

  • When do you need to share the ball with your teammates to help yourself?
  • Scanning for which teammate is in space
  • If no pass is on can you protect the ball

U9 – U11

  • Passing with inside of your foot
  • Movement of players off the ball to create passing lines to receive
  • Being patient to keep the ball
  • Scanning skills prior to receiving

U12 – U16

  • Decision making to keep the ball for your team
  • Quality of pass – weight of pass to feet is firmer than when passing to space
  • Intensity of ball movement and player movement

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Maintaining Possession 1

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Another coachingsession that gives high repetition of the topic. Lots of opportunities to work the ball from target player to target player works on passing, receiving and scanning skills. A great way to develop the ability of your players to maintain the ball more often.