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Players move ball around cones in the sequence shown. To reflect movement in a game players must move away to create space then move to receive. Middle player looks to drop in between end to rather than moving towards ball. Players follow their pass after each one. 

  • Add in second ball to add interference.
  • Increase length of pass – lofted, driven etc.
  • Decrease length of passes to ensure players are comfortable passing over that distance.

U6 – U8

  • Movement to simulate losing defender
  • Passing accuracy to teammate
  • Body shape when receiving

U9 – U11

  • Weight of pass onto teammates back foot
  • 2nd foot bravery to try and use it
  • Communication to call for the ball
  • First touch with back foot

U12 – U16

  • Increased weight of pass
  • First touch to allow pass played off second tough
  • Accuracy with both feet to keep close to cone or mannequin


  • Increased distances to test accuracy and power
  • Include variety of pass including lofted and driven passes

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Passing Sequence 3

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Great session for a warm up or introduction to a session looking at passing and receiving. This technical co-ordination session is aimed at high repetition and muscle memory for executing passes with the correct weight and accuracy. All our passing sequences have variations to practice different types of pass and can be reversed to work both feet.